J91 Series

J91 Series Table Base is a round column base available in a variety of styles with several options and varying finishes. See images and specifications below for available styles.

J91 – FLT Auto Adjust Series contain a patented, hydraulic PAD stabilization technology that are an effective solution to wobbly tables. A Stainless Steel option is available in a 22″ base spread. Black Cast Iron is the standard finish and a zinc coating option is also available to help protect against weathering. J91 – FLT Auto Adjust Series is also available in a Height -Adjustable Style. (See below)

Custom Powder Coating is also available for these bases.


J91 – Single Column Base

Base SpreadColumn DiameterStandard Height


J91 – Triple Column Base

Base SpreadColumn DiameterStandard Height
28″(3) 3″27.75″
37.5″(3) 3″28.5″


J91 – Tapered Pedestal Base

Base SpreadColumn DiameterStandard Height
184″ – 2″27.75″
23.75″4″ – 2″27.75″


J91 – Tapered Pedestal Base – Bar Height

Base SpreadColumn DiameterStandard Height
18″5″ – 2.25″40.75″
23.75″5″ – 2.25″40.75″


J91 – FLT Auto Adjust

Base SpreadColumn DiameterStandard Height
22″3″28.35″ to  41.5″
30″4″28.35″ to 41.5″
  • J91 – FLT Style Bases available in Cast Iron Standard Finish.
  • The 22″ Standard Height is available in Stainless Steel or Cast Iron.

More Options


  • STU – 40.75″ Stand Up OAH base
  • W– Wheelchair Height (30″ OAH base)
  • CH – Counter Height (34.75″ OAH base)
  • C– Cocktail Height (16.75″ OAH base)
  • RCT2– Metal Base Rubber Cushion Glides
  • FLT Styles available in either Stainless Steel or Cast Iron Standard Finishes

FLT Standard Finish

Stainless Finish •

ACE Powder Coated Finishes

FAL Powder Coated Finishes

• Available for Indoor Only • See Custom Powder Coated Finishes for Outdoor

GIB Powder Coated Finishes

SPT Powder Coated Finishes

Custom Powder Coat Finishes •

• Available for Indoor or Outdoor Use •

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