Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the handcrafted, made-to-order, affordable tables you need.​

Table Designs has been providing custom table tops and bases to the commercial and hospitality industry since 1992. Located in Tampa, Florida, our tabletops are made on-site by local craftsmen. We specialize in creating our tables with many different materials and finishes. All of our tables are easy to clean and are exceptionally suitable for commercial food service applications. 

Some equipment we use here at Table Designs

Océ Arizona 350 XT UV-curable flatbed printer

Digital printing is done on our Oce 350GT flat bed printer. This printer is white ink capable and can print full color directly onto tabletops as thick as 2”. Whether printing full bleed prints on fiberboard or full color logos on veneer, this printer can do it all. Digital images of veneers, posters, charts, photographs, fabrics and more can be created with our Paradigm ImagePro wide format scanner capable of 1200 dpi scans.

MT Series Router

Wood edge radius pieces and custom shapes and curves are cut on our MultiCam CNC router. This router will cut virtually any shape in solid wood, particleboard, fiberboard, plastic and metal. Veneers are cut into box and sunburst patterns with .0001 inch tolerance.Other equipment includes wide-belt sanders, panel saws, table saws, compressors, dust collectors, curing racks, spray guns, hand held routers and sanders and other tools too numerous to list.

ImagePro 42” HD scanner

With our ImagePro 42” HD scanner we can scan your fabric, wallpaper, photograph, poster, nautical chart or virtually anything that is less than .5” thick and up to 42” wide. This scanner is capable of 600 DPI scans so image detail is indistinguishable from the original artwork.

Custom Designed UV Curing Oven

We contracted with an ultra violet equipment manufacturer to design and build a UV system specifically to Table Design’s requirements. This allows us to cure any tabletop within these specific parameters:
(42″ Wide x 120″ Long) or (48″ Wide x 96″ Long) or (60″ Wide x 60″ Long).

How do we Ship?

Most tables are shipped in plywood crates with styrofoam lining to ensure your tables arrive damage free. These crates are suitable for shipping internationally. We do ship worldwide.

Some of our Clients...