Table Designs Warranty & Cleaning Instructions

We stand behind our quality products!

The warranty covers goods supplied against defects in workmanship and material except as specifically excluded. The following are specifically excluded from the warranty:

  • Any custom components that are not part of the standard line.  This would include, but not be limited to, custom designed parts or customer specific components such as fabric, vinyl, foam, etc. which are not part of the standard line.
  • Furniture that has been unduly exposed to the elements such as water, direct sunlight, etc.
  • Damage as a result of accident, fire, flood, civil disorder, strike, Act of God, abuse, misuse, or any cause outside of “ordinary” usage.

Table Designs agrees to replace, repair or refund at its discretion, defective parts or workmanship.
Table Designs warrants its products to be free from factory defects for a period of 1 year from date of shipment. The warranty will not apply to products that are damaged by freight, accident, improper use, neglect or improper storage. Table Designs reserves the right to inspect the defective tabletops and can exercise the right to repair or replace at our discretion. Any claims need to be made prior to the expiration of the warranty period. 

Wood tops are manufactured in a 30% to 40% relative humidity environment and must be stored and used in that same RH environment. Otherwise, warranty may be affected. Except where noted, our products are not intended for outdoor use and no warranty is made with respect to goods used outdoors which are not intended for use outdoors.

We recommend that any of the finishes (epoxy, varnish or UV) be cleaned with a soft cloth and non-abrasive glass cleaner and/or soap and water. The use of disinfectants containing bleach may soften the finish and void the warranty. Many health departments require the use of a sanitizer when cleaning food-service table tops. It is important to remember that the sanitizer can lead to a build up of grease or dirt over time which then leaves smudges which are difficult to remove. We recommend the use of a glass cleaner first, then apply the sanitizer. If you are unsure if you are using a cleaner that may damage the finish, please contact the factory.

Hot cups and plates (over 120 degrees) can leave indentations in an epoxy resin finish and we recommend the use of place-mats for those applications. Varnish and Ultra UV are more resistant to heat but should be treated with reasonable care. If it is too hot to hold by hand, please use an insulating barrier. 

Do not use abrasive plate-ware, cups, or any materials / items that can scratch the tables. Please use polished bottom plate and cups. Table tops, bases, and chairs are manufactured for indoor use only unless otherwise noted, and should be stored and used in temperature and humidity controlled areas. Extended exposure to direct sunlight is not recommended.

Freight / Shipping:

If your tables arrive and there is any visible damage to the crating or packaging in ANY way, shape or form. Please mark damaged before signing, and take pictures if possible. This can only help you, there is no downside to signing damaged, so if there is any question, mark damaged before signing for the shipment. If you do sign for the shipment and there is damage, please send us any information you have collected as soon as possible. If you accepted a shipment and it was damaged and you did not sign damaged, the factory is not responsible.