Edge Profiles

A table’s edge is an important part of it’s overall design and contributes to the look, function and safety of your table. Your Table Design can be finished with a variety of Edge Profiles.  See descriptions of Wood Edge Profiles and Stone Edge Profiles below.

Wood Edge Profiles

The diagrams below depict the shapes and dimensions of the following styles of Wood Edge Profiles; Self Edge, Ogee Edge, Knife Edge, Eased Edge, Waterfall Edge, Beveled Edge, Bullnose Edge and Corner Radiuses.


We also specialize in Live Edge profiles. Learn more about Live Edge Table Options.

Self Edge
Ogee Edge
Knife Edge
Eased Edge
Waterfall Edge
Beveled Edge
Bullnose Edge
Corner Radius Top Views

Stone Edge Profiles

See the following Stone Table Edge options to help you decide on the right edge style for your stone table top.


Contact Us to insure Upgrade Styles are available for your Stone Table Top.


Square - Flat Polish Stone Edge
Roundover Waterfall Stone Edge
1/4" Bevel Stone Edge
Half Bullnose Stone Edge


Full Bullnose Stone Edge
Demi Bullnose Stone Edge
Miter Stone Edge
Ogee Stone Edge