T-Mold Edges

T-Mold Edges are a popular Table Design option that provide a distinct look and create a unique Tabletop presentation.

Available in Flat or Ribbed Styles and various finishes, these edge profile options are very versatile and offer yet another way for you to customize your Table Designs….

See Examples of T-Mold Edge Tables!

Rubber T-MoldRubber T-Mold

Rubber T-Mold

Flat Satin FinishFlat Satin Finish Tabletop

Flat Satin Finish

Flat Polished FinishFlat Polished Finish

Flat Polished Finish

Ribbed Satin FinishRibbed Satin Finish Tabletop

Ribbed Satin Finish

Ribbed Mill FinishPreview Coming Soon

Ribbed Mill Finish

Ribbed Polish FinishRibbed Polished T-Mold

Ribbed Polished Finish


These T-Mold edges are available for nearly any tabletop style selected, provided it has at least a 3″ radius corner to wrap it around the edge. T-Molding provides another valuable custom table design option that will enhance the look of your tabletop, while also protecting the edges from any excess wear and tear. 

  • Rubber T-Mold edges (otherwise known as Flexible Polyethylene Edges), are a tough flexible material in a semi gloss finish and available in an array of colors.
  • Flat Aluminum edges are available in Polished or Clear Anodized (Satin)
  • The Ribbed edges are available in different finishes (Mill, Satin and Polished)

Browse through T-Mold Edge Table Styles that feature T-Mold Edges on examples of Digitally Printed Tabletops, Stone Tables and Laminate Tabletops. 

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