H-CAM-2 Position

H-CAM-2 Position Chair is designed with a dual angled base that offers stability in both an upright and slightly reclined position. The solid wood legs provide superb strength, as well as ease of movement when sliding the chair back into place. These features provide comfort and safety, making this a highly popular chair.

This chair is a perfect fit for conference and hospitality settings. It’s intended for indoor use only.

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  • Strong, beautiful European Beech hardwood frame
  • Sculpted wood seats for comfort or plush foam seat options
  • Standard and custom stain options are available
  • Sturdy joints have dowel construction with metaltometal hardware
  • Generous gap between the back and seat for easy cleaning
  • Dual angled base offers two positions 
  • Manufactured in North America 



Overall Width19.25 in (48.90 cm)
Overall Height33.00 in (83.82 cm)
Overall Depth22.00 in (55.88 cm)
Seat Width17.50 in (44.45 cm)
Seat Height18.50 in (46.99 cm)
Seat Depth17.50 in (44.45 cm)
Weight16.00 lb (7.26 kg)
C.O.M. Yardage1.00 yd (0.91 m)
Capacity300.00 lb (136.08 kg)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the lead time for these products?

Standard lead time is 4 – 5 weeks to leave the factory plus time in transit. At times, our lead-time may be shorter than the standard, although occasionally lead times may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Please be assured that every effort is made to produce your product as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining our high standards for quality.

  • How much fabric/vinyl is needed for your products?

The amount of material required depends on the type of chair. Each one of our products have different amounts of surface area that may need to be upholstered. It will also vary based on the type of fabric/vinyl, the pattern and the quantity of chairs/barstools that are being ordered. We are happy to calculate that for you. Please Contact Us for more details.

  • What is the difference between Sherpa and Shire Fabric?

Sherpas are solid colors and Shires are multi-colored. That’s the only difference.

  • Is leather available for seats?

Table Designs has a variety of vinyl that may be suitable for your order instead of leather. Please see the Vinyl Selection (above this tab) or on our website.

  • Can I send my own fabric from an alternate supplier? (C.O.M.)is 

Yes, we can use your fabric; we refer to that as Customer Own Material (C.O.M.). Please Contact Us for more information on yardage required as this is based on the type of chair and quantity ordered as well as the fabric chosen. Fabric Duty and Importing fees will apply if the material ships to us from the USA.

  • What does double rub mean when referring to Upholstery?

The double–rub rating given to fabric tells its durability. This test simulates a person getting into and out of a chair and how well the fabric wears when another fabric is continuously rubbed against it. For general household use, a rating of 15,000 double rubs is good. Heavy duty fabrics have ratings of around 25,000 double rubs, and contract upholstery requires at least 30,000 -40,000. Fabric content and weave are also factors in durability. With so many different upholstery options available today, you are sure to find numerous options of durable fabrics with a comfortable feel and great look.

  • What type of wood is used for chairs and barstools?

All of our wood chairs, barstools and benches are made from 100% European beech hardwood. It provides the most durability and strength while maintaining the natural beauty of wood.

  • Can stools be cut down?

All of our stools can be cut down, except for the Jackson Backless barstool. Each stool can be cut to a minimum of 24″.

  • Is there an extra cost to cut stools down?

No. We do not charge extra to cut your stools to your requirements.

  • Is there an extra cost for the specialty or bright colors?

No. There is no extra cost.

  • Can we match a custom stain?

Yes, a custom matching fee may apply. The matching of a custom stain may take additional time and approval is required before we proceed.

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