E2X in-surface power unit is a superior solution for tables that require access to power and data from both sides of the table. E2X can adapt to all of your specific technology requirements. This power unit allows anywhere from 4, 6 or 8 ports on either side and all connections can be conveniently concealed with the closed lid. E2X supplies additional technology accessories and power, data, size and finish options. This in-surface power unit is entirely scalable and can be customized to accommodate your specific technology needs.


Standard Features

  • Two back to back Ellora units within a single grommet
  • Each power unit (2) receives its own cord
  • Connectivity points are located below worksurface
  • Technology may remain connected while lid is closed, concealing connections
  • Requires cutout in surface
  • Includes a Voice/Data Adapter Kit (BE01421) to accept couplers & jacks when required.
  • Fits in tops 3/4″ to 1-3/4″ thick.
  • UL Listed
  • Available with Byrne spill-proof simplexes
  • Configurations with four or more power receive a Circuit Breaker Cord


Power/Data Configuration 

Power Options



  • 3 Power / 1 Extron Adapter
  • 2 Power / 2 Open Data
  • 3 Power / 3 Open Data


Cord Options

  • 72 Inches (Corded)
  • 120 Inches (Corded)
  • 72 Inches (Hardwired)

Finish Options

  • Silver Anodized Aluminum / Black Faceplate
  • Custom Printed
Data cables for open ports are sold separately.