400 Series X-Base

400 Series Symetris Table Bases is an X-based multifunctional table base, designed to fit a variety of facility environments. Standard and/or USB power capable.


400 Series

Base SpreadsColumnsStandard Height
22″ x 22″3″28″
30″ x 30″3″28″
22″ x 30″3″28″


  • Numeric Values Displayed in inches

More Options

  • STU – 40.75″ Stand Up OAH base
  • W– Wheelchair Height (30″ OAH base)
  • CH – Counter Height (34.75″ OAH base)
  • C– Cocktail Height (16.75″ OAH base)
  • Super Leveler Glides
  • FLX– Side column cord exit
  • FLX– Under base cord exit
  • FLX– Specify on table base order
  • FLX– Allows Power to run down the center of a pedestal table

Standard Finish •

FAL Powder Coated Finishes

• Available for Indoor Only • See Custom Powder Coated Finishes for Outdoor

Custom Powder Coat Finishes •

• Available for Indoor or Outdoor Use •

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prismatic color sample