Phoenix Table Bases

One of our captivating new table bases is an elegant design fabricated with stainless steel bars in a brushed finish.  It is a fully welded piece with all welds polished seamlessly, and sold independently without a table top.

Materials  –  3/8″ x 2″ rectangle type 304 stainless steel bars

Lead Time  –  3 – 4 weeks

Weight Capacity  –  Phoenix Bases have a 300 – 500 lb load capacity depending on the material size used.

Affixing your table top to our base  –

  • Holes (1/4″ dia) to screw on wood table tops and other tops with wood substrates can be included.
  • Granite and other slabs that do not have a wood substrate, can be affixed the the base using silicone or glue.  Adhesive backed bumper pads can also be included if attachment is not desired.
  • Glass tops generally do not get attached to the base, clear bumper pads can be included to use as a stabilizer for the glass and prevent it from sliding.
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