H-REM Arm Chair

H-REM Arm Chair is one among several style variations that are designed to harmonize with the H-REM line of chairs and barstools. The H-REM Arm Chair is an elegant dining chair with a traditional style. The fabric visible on the back of the wood frame can be upholstered to your liking from a wide selection of fabrics for a unique look.

This chair is highly suitable for restaurants, fine dining and hospitality establishments as well as senior living environments. It’s intended for indoor use only.

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  • Strong, beautiful European Beech hardwood frame
  • Available xback frame design option
  • Standard and custom stain options are available
  • Plush, foam seat and back provide long-term comfort
  • Strong mortise and tenon joints
  • Generous gap between the back and seat offers easy cleaning  
  • Manufactured in North America 


Low BackHigh BackX-Back
Overall Width23.75 in (60.33 cm)23.75 in (60.33 cm)23.75 in (60.33 cm)
Overall Height35.75 in (90.81 cm)39.75 in (100.97 cm)39.75 in (100.97 cm)
Overall Depth23.50 in (59.69 cm)22.50 in (57.15 cm)23.50 in (59.69 cm)
Seat Width18.75 in (47.63 cm)18.75 in (47.63 cm)18.75 in (47.63 cm)
Seat Height18.00 in (45.72 cm)18.00 in (45.72 cm)18.00 in (45.72 cm)
Seat Depth17.50 in (44.45 cm)17.50 in (44.45 cm)17.50 in (44.45 cm)
Arm Height26.00 in (66.04 cm)26.00 in (66.04 cm)26.00 in (66.04 cm)
Arms Inside18.50 in (46.99 cm)18.50 in (46.99 cm)18.50 in (46.99 cm)
Arms Outside23.75 in (60.33 cm)23.75 in (60.33 cm)23.75 in (60.33 cm)
Weight17.00 lb (7.71 kg)17.00 lb (7.71 kg)17.00 lb (7.71 kg)
C.O.M. Yardage1.05 yd (0.96 m)1.05 yd (0.96 m)1.05 yd (0.96 m)
Capacity300.00 lb (136.08 kg)300.00 lb (136.08 kg)300.00 lb (136.08 kg)

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