Aspis Oval Table Base

Our originally designed Aspis Oval Base is a beautiful piece fabricated with a stainless steel frame and a unique metal weave.  The frame is fully welded with all welds polished seamlessly, and the weave is done by hand to create a combination unlike any other.  Custom size fabrication available.

Materials  –  Type 304 solid stainless steel bars (3/8″ x 1-1/2″).  Brass, Copper, & Zinc strips (2″ wide) are used for the weave.

Weave Combinations  –  Brass & Copper, Brass & Zinc, Copper & Zinc.  Metal weave can be customized, for metal samples please contact us.

Leveling Feet (1″ height x 3/4″ dia)  –  Aspis Bases come equipped with small stainless steel swivel leveling feet to ensure stability with un-even floors.

Lead Time  –  4 weeks

Weight Capacity  –  Standard Aspis Bases have a 600 lb load capacity and can be customized to hold more weight if necessary

Choosing the right base for your top  –  Don’t hesitate to contact us for help finding the right size base(s) for a certain table top.  We would also be happy to quote a custom size Aspis Base if desired.

Affixing your table top to an Aspis Base  –  Aspis Bases generally do not get attached to the table top due to the unique design.  Clear bumper pads are sent with every order so table tops can safely be laid on top of the base.  If necessary, the base can be customized to include mounting tabs with holes for attachment.

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